Barrikad is the title of the new album from Testbild! It is released through Kalligrammofon and its available NOW. It´s an almost entirelly acoustic album centered round a lot of guitars, horns, a harpsichord and a church organ. All lyrics are sung in Swedish.

As a physical artefact Barrikad is a vinyl only release, in an edition of 300 copies, with stunningly beautiful artwork by Rikard Heberling and Jacob Grønbech Jensen.

Order Barrikad via the Kalligrammofon SHOP! It comes with a 945mm x 630mm art poster and coupons for digital download.

Barrikad is also available from Radio Khartoum (US), Fastcut (JP), Record Heaven (SWE) and Release the Bats (SWE).

Du kan också köpa Barrikad i välsorterade butiker såsom Rundgång (Malmö), Då & Då (Malmö), An ideal for living (STHLM), Larrys Corner (STHLM), Pet Sounds (STHLM), Rönnells (STHLM) & Record Hunter (STHLM).

En kartbild utan sand - Testbild!
video by Sebastian Rozenberg.

Barrikad is also available as a digital release. Visit Bandcamp and buy an immediate download in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. It is also available from iTunes.

You may also listen to and download the double A-side single
Barrikad/En kartbild utan sand for free!